24 August 2015 – Whirl wind week.. Where do I start?

To all:

Thank you for your patience with my updating of this blog. Things have been so chaotic this past week or so and I am just now getting a minute to update the blog.

So after a short family vacation in eastern Nebraska ending on the 14th I was enroute home when I got a call that the Tiny Home mover was already at my farm house and was ready to move the Tiny Home to Texas, despite ordering the move for the following day and the fact that I was about 5 hours from being home.  So I told the driver that more than likely I would have him come in and take the tiny home on Saturday. Friday evening was a rush in making sure that everything was ready to go for Tiny Home to travel and I had to start packing and cleaning. Saturday morning was rough. The driver was impressed that I made the house. He implied that he would be very gentle with her and was excited to transport her to AGGIELAND! I was crying and very nervous to see her depart. The driver DON advised that she would be in Aggieland on Sunday and that he would call me to let know how things were going. Also, that he does not drive items like this at night (relief).

DSCN1752 DSCN1727 DSCN1723DSCN1756

Saturday was cleaning, packing and loading the vehicles and u-haul. Due to the length of the drive we decided that we would depart Saturday evening and try to get to at least Salina.  Well first note to self if that it is much easier to move a u-haul onto the truck ball when it is empty than when it is full. So out to the barn to find a jack. I then dragged it across the yard (not a light vehicle jack) and got the uhaul on the truck ball.  So now it was my friend (driving the car with the cat) and myself (in truck pulling uhaul) on the go. Second note to self do not take a loaded u-haul with a two wheel drive down a small steep incline because it will get stuck. So after burning rubber for a few minutes and digging in some dirt we were truly on our way heading south at 2000. Hour or so into the drive I get a call that my cat has farted and it is stinking up the car. A little bit later we pulled over to check on the uhaul and such and upon arrival to car find out that the cat did not just fart it pooped in its new cat bed and on the car. YUCK! So on side of road cleaning this up.  Keep in mind that the liter box was on the floor behind the front passenger seat.  After a few more issues of cat, stopping for gas and this and that we made it to Salina, KS around 2300 and got the cat and the car and us cleaned up and went to bed.  Early Sunday morning after going to Walmart and getting some clean clothes for my friend (limited on shorts due to flight home) and breakfast we were on our way again.

Around 1100 I got a call from DON.  He stated that the trip went well (only after calling me on Saturday night asking how much insurance I had on the tiny home… NOT FUNNY!).  He was already at the RV park and along with the manager the two realized that the site that had been picked out for me was not going to work due to the door being on the end and not on the side like a normal RV.  They finally found a site and I told DON that we would arrive late Sunday evening and would see him then.  I took over with cat sitting duties in my truck on Sunday and the drive went well.  It got warmer the further we went south but not that bad. We arrived in College Station at the RV park around 2100.  Due to being so late and nothing set up we looked her over, got her plugged in for the a/c and signed the paperwork and went to a local hotel.  In the morning it was time to begin the set up.

Monday morning, breakfast and then check on Tiny Home and get things moving along. The set up took a bit to get her leveled but other than that not much else. I got three storage units (one for the stuff I brought down from Nebraska and the other two for the stuff coming from my government storage). We were able to unload the uhaul and some of the vehicle stuff pretty easy.  I was able to run several errands for things like the peat moss for the toilet and then the adventures began. There have been some extreme challenges like getting the refrigerator set up correctly ( have a maintenance man coming this saturday), the toilet fan did not work (had a new one sent to me arrived finally yesterday) and this and that.  The house was definitely snug with boxes, two air mattresses and a cat the first few days.

Tuesday and Wednesday were orientation for school. There were some great meetings and I am looking forward to learning more about campus and my major.  We were able to get in some great food this past week in areas that I was missing like true BarBQue, Mexican and local hang outs.  On Wednesday I got a call from the government movers that they were enroute with my storage stuff.  On Thursday morning it arrived and was loaded into two storage units. Then on Friday we took the stuff out of the third storage unit and subdivided it into the other two units and closed out the third unit. This will save on money for the next few years.  I also got a PO Box, got in contact with my bank that I have had since living here the first time in the 1990’s and this and that.  This town has changed tremendously.

I have been looking for the right mattress for the big loft for myself and the cat. I have not found it yet but am still looking. Friday, Natayo surprised us both with climbing up the ladder to the loft and then easily working his way around the newly constructed cat walk and shelves/steps to get up and down from the first floor to the two lofts. I have placed odds and ends and supplies in the small loft along with his scratchboard.  He seems to like the cat walk concept. On Saturday my friend Lorri flew back to Nebraska and then it was all cat and myself. Natayo is getting up and down well on his own by using the ladder and steps.

Sunday I took a break from all of this and went to Round Rock to see family and do some shopping (not only was this Texas A&M move in day it was also for all the colleges along I35 in central Texas) people everywhere. I was able to find some things that I needed and look at other items that I am going to decide if they are what I need.  I will return to IKEA soon.

My site is a good one. I am in an RV park with about 35 spots. The park is divided into two sections with 17 and 18 sites respectively. I am in the back middle section.  For the most part people in this area are long termers with some having been here like 5 years already.  In the front it seems that although some are long termers more of the short timers like for football season are up there. I can hear some of the traffic in my loft at night from the Hwy since my bed is above my neighbors RV but on the bottom floor it is quiet. Should be conducive to studying.  I have two trees one on either side of the Tiny Home that are small and about as tall as the tiny home. I am working with my friend to get some curtains put in the house mainly for privacy but also to help in dealing with the 100+ temperatures (I miss NE in this case).

DSCN1770 DSCN1771

Well that is about it. Heading to run some errands. Already did a load of laundry this morning. Take care and enjoy.



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