New Year Update – 29 January 2015


I hope that everyone had a blessed and safe holiday season. Well the new semester is on going and the Tiny Home is getting attention.  Over the holidays I was able to do some more thinking and get some aspects moving along.  Since starting this semester I have been able to clean up several and I mean several mistakes I had made and am making the walls much better than before.  Three walls are up and the fourth will hopefully be made next Monday. I brought up the door to the new location at Central Community College (CCC) and that will allow me to work that last wall with all the parts.

In doing all of my research on tiny homes I realize that most of them had catchy names. So I have come up with a name for the new residence, REVILLE! Some of you will know several meanings behind this name but mostly it is catchy. My mom even made me a really cool sign out of wood with the word wood burned in it for the front. I can not wait to display it.

Once the fourth wall is up and there is more progress in the look I will post some more pictures. My teachers here in shop are excited and it looks like it might even be able to be shown at the end of the semester when we auction off our school house project here on campus.

Until next time Stephani and Reville signing out!


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