Adjustment in Plans….. 11 November 2014

To all:

I wanted to let you know I have not forgotten about the tiny house and my blog. After getting up the third wall I realized even more some concerns that I have for the continuation of building this house. As many of you know I have been taking construction courses at my community college this semester and am learning a lot. With that comes the desire to make sure that I do this all right and to the best of my abilities. My instructors have come to me and asked me if I want to work on the tiny house at the school. Well the location I have currently is not heated and I do not have access to lots of hands and professional guidance. So I said yes. With this will be a pause in work. The plan is to lift off the walls I have built and lay them on the trailer and then pull the trailer to Hastings, NE. We will then rework the issues I have now and finish framing out and roofing and siding the house and then due to the height of the garage doors we will build this on the ground and then lift, transport and place on the trailer where it will then be secured. I am excited about having licensed contractors and multiple extra hands along with HEAT to do this. This will also allow me to find to a licensed electrician and plumber in a larger town to help me with those areas. So I hope that when I leave the Hastings area all I have to do is interior or less. Thank you for all of your support everyone! I still see this being completed on time if not earlier now.


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