Framing Continues…..20 September 2014

So it has been a hectic week. I was able during my errands to the VA in Grand Island (About 1.25 hours from my house) go to the Habitat for Humanity ReUse store (if you have never been to one you need to find the closest and go, they ROCK!) Well while there this time I found some very old (do not know the age but it appears to be very old) oak tongue and groove wood flooring for sale. I bought all of it about 45-50 square feet with the intention of using it as an accent wall. It cost me $12.50, rough! lol

Today after homework and errands I was able to get onto the Tiny home. So the last time I worked on it, I  was laying out the studs for the right wall. Well after talking to my instructors at school and learning more about framing I decided to reevaluate the layout and redo it. So I started out with undoing what i had done and laying out the studs based on a 16 inch on center layout. This will help me in the long run with sheathing and interior work. Most house walls are based on a 16 or 24 inch center stud.  So then I had to decide on the exact location of the windows and got that figured out. Made the rough openings and started to nail in all the boards. Got to the second window and was finishing it up when I realized that something was not right. Long story short.. Destroyed one board, undid several other boards, hammered out numerous nails (not easy when putting them in with a pneumatic nailer) and have to recut some boards. Well by this time it was about 1900 so I called it a night. I plan to get that mistake fixed tomorrow. Then it will be onto the horizontal cross boards and the right wall should be done.

I was able to order the Simpson Tie Downs (not a readily available item in the midwest) and the CS wrap around metal strap (again not a common item in the midwest). They should be in this coming week. The tie downs will allow me to secure the walls onto the 5/8 inch threaded rods that are on the trailer. So when I can find some strong people that will help me lift the wall we can stand it up and place it over the threaded rods.

I will then begin on the left wall which will be a mirror image of the right wall except for the different size window in the bathroom. I did not want to be flashing everyone with a large window. LOL!

Night all!! Thanks for your support and interest in this BIG/TINY adventure of mine.


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