Framing is happening…..12/13 September 2014

So with my time in between school, homework, a six-man football game, time with family – playing with nephew, two softball games I have been able to get most of the first wall laid out for framing.

It started with the first picture of purchasing two 2x4x20 footers and transporting them on top of my car from the closest lumber yard to my house, about nine miles. You should of seen the lumber yard guys face when I told him I wanted to put it on top of my car. I got it done and safely.  After securing the part of the sill that goes over the wheel wells I started with the right wall (as you are looking from the front of the trailer to the back).

I am laying the wall down on the sub floor and putting it all together before nailing it.  I decided to label each board a number or letter depending on location so I can keep them all straight and in order. I made a couple of mistakes and had to go back and recut a 2×4 but overall I am happy with what I got done. I am working hard to do some good math in order to have the least amount of waste on the 2×4’s after I cut them. I have been able to use some excess for the horizontal support boards.

Tomorrow I should be able to work on the specific boards that are the rough openings for the windows. This will happen in between more softball games.

DSCN0433DSCN0435DSCN0438 DSCN0441


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