Back at it again…..11 September 2014

Well was able to get back into it today. I was able to accomplish some good stuff. There is alot of fine tuning with this project because the plans that I purchased along with the video and the trailer (all from the same company) do not correspond. I am having to do adjusting and referencing several items in order to make sure I get the right numbers, measurements etc.

I was able to finish the sill boards. The boards that go around the bottom of the framing on the sub floor. It took a bit of time and lots of learning. I had to work the measurements over the wheel wells. Then it was time to learn how to use a pneumatic nailer. I was not getting the results that I wanted while practicing so I had to do some more research and speak to some professionals. I had to increase the PSI of the air and then it was successful.

Tomorrow afternoon I can start putting together a wall frame and will ensure all measurements are correct before nailing. The nice thing is that I can lay the walls out on the subfloor, nail them together and then raise them. I am having to order my Simpson Hurricane strength tie-downs so that might be a bit.

Well that is it for today, not much exciting but lots going on behind the scenes.


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