Da Floor is down…..19 August 2014

Da Floor and me...

Da Floor and me…

Woah talk about a whirl wind day… Well since I started school yesterday and was totally wiped out last night things are slowing down a bit. I started this morning off with homework and then went out to find out that none of the batteries for any of the tools that we needed had kept their charge. Hmmmmm what shall we do now. So we tried another tool and well that did not go over as well as hoped. I was a basket case today for many reasons and I was very lucky to have my parents (yes both of them), Dad has been here and mom lives like 8 miles away to comfort me. Mom stopped by to pick me up so we could get hairs (yes I said hairs so no one comes back with only getting one hair cut) cuts.  She is a very talented wood worker (trust me on this one) and so she wanted to see progress.  She gave me some great insight and offered to let me borrow some of her tools (hand helds not the fancy o

Me routing...

Me routing…

nes, not allowed near them.. No just not the ones needed).  So after the hairs cuts and picking up some tools and groceries (not at the same location…) it was back to work. Dad and I were able as you will see in the pictures got the entire subfloor cut, drilled – around the threaded rods, fitted and laid out. It was not without challenges, in fact one was that we were so good at our measurements we could not get the board back off the threads (which we needed to).  We had to get creative. NOTE TO ALL: If it says to drill a hole 5/8th inch wide for a 5/8th wide threaded rod I HIGHLY recommend making it a hair (just one) bigger. Just got with the advice.  I know that many of you have thought that based on pictures my father is doing all the work and I am just the photographer. Well you are close, no really I am doing quite a bit so today I pulled out the tripod and got some selfless and even a video in. Hopefully they work in uploading and you will see them below. Back to school tomorrow and hopefully picking up lots of studs (lumber ladies.. Not guys. I WILL be with my father).  Night all! Thanks for taking interest in my blog. Ok it is just inserting pictures wherever it wants to. 

Da floor is down!

Da floor is down!


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