Ta Daaaaaaaa…. 11 August 2014

Nothing happened yesterday 10 August 2014 due to some church activity commitments and needing a break. This summer has been absolute chaos.

Well today 11 August 2014, was successful although a bit painful. So the plans say to insulate the trailer with three inches worth of product. Well the problem is that the trailer is not three inches deep due to the welds of the flashing. So for all of you that ever played Tetris and wondered if it would be worth it.. IT IS!! I did some pretty good puzzle figuring if I do say so myself today. I got in two layers of insulation and am not sure if I can get in a third tomorrow. We had to go to Kearney to get thinner insulation since the three inches I was told was to be divided by 1.5 inch insulation does not work we shall see what happens tomorrow. My dad was very kind in buying me a table saw stand (we both killed our backs by bending over to hold items going through the saw) so we are working on getting that up and running hopefully for tomorrow. We decided that we are going with the 2×6 for fascia board despite the video and directions from the plans not coinciding. I had to get an angle protractor type gadget today in order to figure out our cuts for tomorrow.

These pictures are of the progress with the insulation, the mess that the garage is and my father working on putting together the table saw worktable. Thanks again dad, I really appreciate all of this.


Well hope you all enjoy. Until tomorrow… Tiny home in Nebraska out!

DSCN0220 DSCN0221 DSCN0222 


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