Get Ready, Get Set, GO!!! and so I did… 9 August 2014


Clean workbench = workspace

Clean workbench = workspace

To all:

Well I have started. So today was getting some tools from my Uncle Chucks house and then off with the 12 foot trailer to Menards, Hastings, NE.  I picked up the items needed to finish off the fascia siding and the insulation and sub flooring. Well that was the intent. So got home and got going in the garage. The first task was to clean off some work space. Dean your right bench area is all clean. Then I pulled out the new table saw that I bought the other day. Dad worked on setting that up while I worked on making sure the trailer was level and taking measurements. Then after those two things were done it was time to start on the insulation. Well I measured and cut with the saw but I had some issues. First, the plans for the trailer and the video for Tumbleeed contradict each other.  The depth of the trailer is NOT 3 inches. So it appears that I am going to have to go back either tomorrow or monday to Grand Island to return some insulation and get something skinnier. Then when I went to change subjects and work on the measuring of the fascia board it is off. The depth of the page is not enough for 2×6 or 2×8 as the DVDs showed. The pictures show where I work, the clean table and the final project.

Thank you for foliowing me people. I am so excited.




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