They Are Ready!! 1 August 2014


Well now that I am back from my trip to Vermont and Canada it is time to get back on track. I got a call in Vermont that the trailer was ready for pick up. I advised that it would be a good two weeks before I could get it. No issues there.

Got an update on the windows and they will be ready on 4 August in Cheyenne, Wyoming. That is good to hear.

Made a change in my plans for the exterior of the house. I spoke with Tumbleweed and asked about using plastic siding, like on a regular house. Their only concern was the possibility of needing to make some repairs after traveling down the highway but not issues otherwise. It is a plus in reference to weight and color choices. So now I am going with plastic siding and probably going to try and locate a shade close to TAMU maroon. So the outside with be maroon with a silver metal roof. That is the color scheme for now. I want to get a better idea of the possibilities when I go to the hardware store.

Also, I am going to pick up a few pieces of the blue beetle pine while in Colorado to look at it for the interior but not going to get it all this trip. I want to make sure it is what I want and the I will go back in the spring to get the rest if it is what I want.

Well that is all the updates for now. Dad and I will head out on 4 August to Cheyenne to pick up the windows.


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