Research Shopping – 2 June 2014


Today it was time to go to the “big” city of Kearney, NE – pop. approx 30K.  I went to several stores – Builders Warehouse, Menards, Sears and Sherwin Williams. I was able to get some of the supplies that I need to get started on the door but was not able to find one key item – liquid sandpaper. I will need that for the smaller/tighter areas of the door. I did pick out the colors for the door from some paint samples. The door will be maroon on the main frame and black around the window trim and in the wood insets on the bottom half. The roof is going to be metal and I was looking at a colored metal but I decided today that it will be just silver. I also spoke to my source for windows and I hope to have those by the end of this month. Tomorrow I have to call Tumbleweed about the trailer that I want to order. They used to have a supplier out of KS and that is my preferred location, however the website does not show them anymore.

I received in the mail the set of DVD’s that I ordered from a tiny home company providing guidance on building a tiny home. The DVDs cover everything from the trailer to the final touch ups. This evening my mom lent me her 1/4 paper sander so I can start on the door tomorrow.

I have also started an excel document showing all the costs of items that I purchase for this house. I have the feeling that it is going to be an eye opener when it is all totaled up.


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