Big Pickup Excursion! 4-7 August 2014


Well Dad and I took off on the 4th to go to Cheyenne, Wyoming to pick up my windows from Gill Windows.  The pick up went well and I was able to get all eleven of them in the back of my truck all wrapped up and secured. Then on Wednesday, 6 August, while my dad was running other errands I went and looked at a couple of different of Tumbleweed Houses in different stages. I was able to ask some questions at this time. It was helpful. Then after lunch we went to another one of the Shed Yard locations where they had a beautiful 24 foot fully completed Tumbleweed House. This house was much more than what I plan to do with mine. Later in the afternoon after changing out my tow ball I was able to pick up my 18 foot trailer at the Shed Yard location on Victor Place in Colorado Springs. It is a good looking trailer and I was very excited to finally have it attached to my truck.  Today, 7 August we drove from Colorado Springs, Colorado to my house in Hildreth, Nebraska. It was not a bad trip. I got to show several people in this area my trailer and they to are excited. I parked the trailer in the large garage where I live and unloaded the windows and made sure that they are safe. This picture is me with my new trailer attached to my trailer at The Shed Yard, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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